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Thai Siam is indeed a culinary oasis North of Ballard. Since 1987, we have served, host to business crowd, numerous friends, and many, many wonderful customers from Crown Hill and beyond.

We serve quality, nutritious dishes, and insist on working with only the freshest ingredients from local suppliers. Aside from our healthful traditional Thai dishes, we are also very attend to current food trends, such as the growing appetite for low fat, low carb, and vegetarian cuisine.

While remaining fresh and current, we are very careful to ensure our guests' satisfaction we prefer an uncomplicated approach and strive for purity and the perfect balance between local-grown ingredients and our natural, flavorful, and exotic Thai herbs and spices.

Our beautifully presented dishes do not contain MSG and are prepared individually to ensure freshness and the highest quality our diners expect.

Thai Siam is not only a place for wonderful dining, but is also a place for community building.

Our mission is not only to give our customers, their families and friends the best in quality and healthy food, but also to be involved in the community as much as we can. We believe that community is the heart of all things. That is why for more than 35 years, we have used our restaurant to help raise funds for local charities that serve our neighborhood, such as, Seattle Children's Hospital, Union Gospel Mission, Boys and Girls Club, the Masha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research, Cancer Lifeline and many many more. Also, we have hosted a yearly dinner to provide warm food for the less fortunate every Christmas.

Food is a source of life, and we are thankful to have been blessed with this gift that we can share with the community. Thank you for the continuous support you have provided us. We are encourage to know that you are standing with us.

We would like to extend special thanks to the following culinary critics whom have endured us and helped us reach the heart of the community.

  • John Hinterberger - Seattle Times
  • Jonathan Susskind - Seattle P.I.
  • Cyndi Meegher - Seattle Times/P.I
  • Eric Sciquiano - The Seattle Weekly
  • Dean Wong - Ballard News Tribune
  • Shawna Lee - PCC Sound Consumer
  • Keith Johnson - Seattle Press
  • Amy Besunder - Real Change
  • Chaichon Locharenkul - Sakul Thai(Thailand)
  • Andra Addison - University Herald
  • Zachary Lyons - 3 Squares
  • Barry Mitzman - KTCS

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